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released August 6, 2010

Recorded in San Francisco, CA
All songs written and played by Mira Cook
Mastered by Roy Silverstein at the Habitat in San Diego


all rights reserved



MIRA COOK Brooklyn, New York


Waterloo Records Top 10 albums of 2012 Staff Pick
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Track Name: Signs
My tapes hiss like babes kissing drooling puddles all over the floor
It’s a bad sign from the indoors
My tapes hiss, my voice cracks and misses
And I think what is this mess spilling onto the linoleum floor
And looking around, there’s four walls boxing me in
I’m trying to find the sound
And looking for the work to be full of signs

Come on love let’s get some sun
Walk off the cold linoleum until what’s beneath our feet breathes.
The trees with their leaves in the breeze
And the sap from the branch leaves my skin brown and sticky
And looking around looking around
The air is full of Signs
Track Name: Watermelons
Baby you know that I’m just in a rush
I don’t have time to talk to anyone
I’ll just hurry around and worry ‘bout
Things that don’t get done, things that don’t get done.
They don’t get done

I wanna feel like I’m driving a truck
Bumbling along with a lot of power
I’ll hang my arm out the window and go slow
So I can say hi to people that I know passing by passing by
Hello passers by

And when my dad was young he crashed his car
He was looking out the window at watermelons
For sale on the side of the road, juicy watermelons

Watermelons are so beautiful, but they have lots of seeds
Creativity comes easy, but creativity has lots of needs
What are those needs….what are those needs?
Needs needs…spit out the seeds
Does that make me a bad mom, a bad mom
For not knowing those needs
Track Name: India
I want to go
Wouldn’t you like to know where?
I want to go to India
Yes and I know, I know that you want to go
Come with me to India
I imagine walking down a dirt road in dusty sandals
Sitting on the floor cross legged in India
Everyone knows all good musicians must go
Go one day to India
I was there once before
But it wasn’t with you and it wasn’t to explore
Let’s both go to India

Me and my parents were there when I wouldn’t where shoes and I had tangly hair
Now that I’m older we can go to India

I want to go. Wouldn’t you like to know where I want to go?
I stepped on a snake at night
It bit me and I saw the light
In India
Track Name: Dulcimer Song
Do as you’re going to and do as I tell you to
Go if you’re going to but not ‘til I tell you to
I just go away but my mind is coming back again
I just go
Things that your mother likes I go and I’m going to
Your originality projecting from your childhood
I just go away but my mind is coming back again
I just go

Things that your father knows morals from your hometown
But all your crazy wild desires say go if you’re going to
I just go away but my mind is coming back again
I just go.
Track Name: Return of Simple
The return of Simple is boring
The feeling of empty that is there when you are still
Why couldn’t that feeling be of being fulfilled
Not spilled milk
I want to feel the silk curtains wrapping me up
Cool and soft
Not the feeling of being lost
Feeling fulfilled
And then it all spills out
Track Name: Drum Machine
How many children have played with you before?
And now that I have you
I can pound on your pads as we sit together on the floor
Your power adapter was lost in somebody’s dusty garage
And I’ve been looking for a long time to find the tools to complete my entourage

Me and my drum machine
Me e and my me and my rhythm box

I took you home, plugged you in with the right power source
We play together every day
I have beauty you have force

Me and my drum machine
Me e and my rhythm box
Track Name: Glass of Water
Would you like a glass of water baby
Cool off the fire
Baby do you like ice in your water?
Let’s get hot and then let’s cool right down
Let’s go swimming down town
Let’s play in the sprinkler baby
Let’s get a slip and slide put it in the yard
Get slippery wet together…cool off the fire
Let’s eat watermelon let the juice drip down our legs
Lets fry eggs on the concrete baby
Let’s lay under the ceiling fan naked
Lets get a kiddie pool put it in the yard
Sit in it read magazines together, drink beer out of coozies

Baby do you like ice in your water?
Track Name: Love Song for a Happy Organ
Happy organs are the ones that move
That’s how I prove my love to you
Move my love to prove my love to you
Happy organs are the ones that get to stand tall
You have to leap to fall for me, to me, to prove your love

And when I get down, I can sit down and play a tune
Check each of your buttons, make sure we’re getting through
Scale up and down
I make a lovely song for you
You’ll be my muse and my music too
Show my love to you
Happy organs are the ones that are given love to
Just give me the look and I’ll take you
I take you everywhere I go
Always to my shows

Happy organs are the ones that get to move
You make me happy with you organ grooves

I’m as happy as a clam in a shell
Contented as the devil in hell
Natural like a cherub and a harp
The pairing’s a work of art
Satiated like a baby on a tit
Happy like a cow on a salt lick
Weightless like a bird in flight
Excited like lovers in the night
Happy as the sun in the day
When the rain has finally gone away
Shiny like a golden ring
I’m as happy as the grass is green
Happy as I am when I sing, when I sing

Scale up and down
I make a lovely song for you
You’ll be my muse and my music too

Happy as I am when I sing…
Track Name: Back in Your Lovin Arms
I need you to come and get me
Take control and start our story
I’ve been waiting dabbling
But now that time has passed and you’ve come back. You’re bound to take me
Back you your lovin arms

I need you to come and get me
Drive the car round please baby
Running now because it’s raining
Let’s run by the drunk guys the crackies in the alley singin’
Back you your lovin arms

I need you to lie on the couch with me take a nap
Drive me to performances and back
Back to your lovin arms

Lady said you’re waiting for me
Grabbed my coat ‘cause it was storming
Running through the stairwell now we’re
Slipping on the sidewalk and tripping over chalk drawing we’re
Back in eachother’s arms
Back in your lovin arms…
Track Name: Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast
Beauty is nothing but a feast for the eyes
And ugliness is something to disguise
Looking through the lens of love into your eyes…eyes

But I don’t have to pretend that I even need to use that lens
Cause you’re so handsome, you’re beautiful
And your lips remind me of plump worms
And your skin is like the sand, and your hair is slick like seal fur
And you’re a tall colt-like man, coltish man
An animal on land, and you hit the ground running, pound the sand

And somehow the two of us ended up here together
And we’re hangin’ out up high just minding the weather
Up in the clouds playin too loud
Looking down on what it’s worth from a sandcastle
Me and my colt-like man
You’re the beauty I’m the cutie eee

And I like having people over for diner, you like pounding away until you find the center
And it’s all broken, and you pick up the smithereens and you glue them back together and they’re better than ever

You’ve got copper and rubber and wood and hammers
I’ve got organs and flutes and dance and other dancers
We’ve got plants, pillows crocheted blankets and bugs
Movies and books electronics and love

And I don’t have to pretend, that I even need to use that lens
Beauty and the beast…..
Track Name: My Friend's Body
I’m supposed to look good and follow orders
That’s why I was hired
Dance for you and push through and never letting on when I am tired
I’m not supposed to go into the feelings that I’m wanting to
Be the face that you would want to look into
Reflect your best self a mirror
Mira Bai….standing by

My friend’s body is wound so tight
He must sleep like little frog all night
Body kinked in a double u
Oldest kid I ever knew
Track Name: Going to Sleep
It feels like going to sleep for a long time
It feels like when I’m asleep you are not mine
I know that when I wake up is the beginning of time
I have a schedule to keep, don’t bother me
So nice to go to sleep for a long time
It seems like when you are sleeping you’re all mine
I know that everything will be just fine