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Lashes To Lashes


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LASHES TO LASHES I’ll tell you something and you will like it Look deep in my eyes don’t try to fight it Lashes to lashes and bust to bust In blood united, in fun we trust Before I knew you, you seemed so high But now I’ve joined you high in the sky Over the rainbow and we won’t come down You sing when I sing. Can’t sing with a frown I’ve got ideas, will you help me out? Cameras are rolling, time to learn how When lights shine in your eyes just pretend you know Sell us something good before we go Tell us what you know Tell us what you know Tell us what you know
I was in the house eating soup When I felt the arrow shoot me through I picked up the phone, found your name Said come hurry baby, so you came Wait on the stoop while I come down Wait on the stoop while I come down And I know we’re something good We walked by broken window panes Then we kissed behind the dumpster and I came I was flushed and bothered and beaming like the sun I know we could walk along but baby let’s run Wait on the stoop while I come down Wait on the stoop while I come down And I know we’re something good Maybe I’m doing something right I’m so lit up when I’m with you guy Feels like I’m doing something right When I’m with you the sky gets so high Something tells me I’m into something good Something
Stay Close 04:46
STAY CLOSE There’s so much to do now We were two now we’re three somehow And I know that we’re gonna stay close Looking back oh man were we gross Holding hands all the time With your palm on my spine I’m not me if I can’t be alone Wonder why I always stay home Just to write in my book Review the notes that I took Yesterday or last week And sing songs like a freak Feeling up but a little bit down What am I going to do now? My girl’s good but a little bit bad We’re stretched thin but it’s hard to be sad I’ll make space for the thing To drop on like a ring And I’ll know when it fits Because my heart will go lifting I’ll write songs in my book And I’ll fill them with hooks That you’ll never forget Has it happened? Not yet But stay close my family I want both to be And I’ll wrap you in song Is it really so wrong? And you’ll never forget me Did you forget me? Not yet So stay close my family Stay close to me
Are You? 03:29
Are you my brother? And I need to know And I need to show you And I need my brother Please do speak truth My lover My lover ‘Cause it frees us to know If the doors are open we can go through Back then, we didn’t know when to say when So smothered in the covers And I need to rise, wipe the sleep out of my eyes, don’t you? And we’ll walk out in the sun and say hi to everyone How do you do? My brother, my sister It’s been a long long long time since I kissed ya
Green 03:36
The only way for me to be and let’s be honest We’re all a little green Envy me, I envy you ‘Cause you seem like you know just what to do You seem to I’m gonna ring the bowl I’m gonna ring the bowl and set us free That’s what I’ll do And when I ring the bowl You’ll take my hand and we might really see And next time you go out walking Pick a leaf and think of me Me Longing to be green and vital Pulsing from the heart into a smile I’m gonna dig a hole I’m gonna dig a hole and set us free That’s what I’ll do And when I dig a hole We’ll all fall in and germinate and start to grow And we’ll all be green Fresh and clean and new and green Green
Dwarfs 01:38
Hi Mama Pumpkin Pillow Pineapple Popsickle Chicory Artichoke Patchouli Panache Curly Rutabaga Baboon Brouhaha Coconut Beaver Nutmeg Brouhaha Brouhaha
The Light 02:46
We’re getting by You know something partner love’s not based on lies And we both know it But your face in profile It’s dramatic I’ll take an extra side of that Can I? Can I get closer? Get a bit closer? I’m getting real close to you I’m getting real high I’m letting go of you We’ll both pass by Into the light Where things are fine Everybody feels bored So why do we do it? Use our words like swords Say it, say it I’m feeling useless so I sit at the piano Stare into the keys What do they say? My hands are your hands moving me from inside I’m trying to find a place but nowhere to hide Meet me in the light Where it’s sublime Maybe in the light We will be fine
At The Piano 02:41
I know you’re going to hate me When I tell you that lately Things have started to change And it’s hard to explain You always take the bait For your sake don’t you worry for me I’m in my room and I’m not coming out soon Don’t understand me Things aint quite as planned to be I’m always hunched on the piano And not making no plans to go out or say hi To your friends, to our friends I just can’t let you in to my fortress room It’s too gorgeous Sitting rapt at the piano And I won’t be distracted It’s been days of torture And your gaze is so scorching I should lock up the hall Sit still and wait for the call that will tell me my song How to write out my song One day you barged into my room to burst my bubble and bubba Took me right to the bed Said this would clear up my head And you took my gently and the damage was done Laying together like pups in the sun And some days we can’t handle her She ain’t the way we planned her But the baby can sing And she sings loud with me And we sit ‘round the piano That’s what makes us feel happy And we harmonize on songs And there’s nothing to stop us Or block us or keep us from singing forever
I Ran 03:29
If there’s something exciting tell me all that you know ‘Cause you know if I’m invited, I will be sure to go ‘Cause I’m always at home but I’m never alone It’s a house full of fools and we’re dying to go We’re like ahhhh I was dancing milonga on the side of the road I fell into the drainage ditch So stupid, I know ‘Cause the party was outside I rolled down the hill I woke up at the bottom and admit I felt nil Just a ahhhh You can meet me out dancing in the woods and the rain ‘Cause I’ve found that by twirling I release all my pain If you like to sing loud and your feet have the itch Call me up to go somewhere we can jump into the mix
How? How come when I lay down When I lay down when I lay down There’s a loud loud sound? They come when I slow down When I slow down when I slow down Here I’ve found echoes Uh Oooo Oh Oh woah woah woah Ahh I am watching me I’m watching me I see three Eyeye eye eye eye Ayaye ayayaye Eeeeeeee How come when I go down When I go down when I go down? I see clouds They are watching me are watching me In my shroud Echoes echoes echoes echoing How come when I lay down When I lay down when I lay down? They come when I slow down when I slow down when I slow down Here I’ve found Echoes echoes echoes echoing
Take the easy way Take the easy way out Tuck your head down Take the easy way out Turn things around You know they’ll all work out My my my my baby Take the easy way Take the easy way out You’re an acrobat So flip for the easy way out Head into the light I still think you might Take the easy way Why don’t you Take the easy way out? Take the easy way Take the easy way out My my my my baby
When we arrived you held my hand But then you sent me off, this wasn’t my plan What was I to do in this new place? Wanna know how I feel? Just look at my face I can’t speak and I won’t say All the faith I’ve lost in you today I’m swallowed up in crowds I don’t know The sun passes over my head so slow I’m catching on and I’ve made friends But I say to you: don’t leave me again I’ll gather sticks out in the yard We get what we deserve mama more battle scars
Shiny 03:39
Just because you’re telling me so Doesn’t mean that’s how things will go Call me if your trail has gotten cold ‘Cause you know these days I walk real slow You’re so shiny shiny to me Come a little closer so I can see you gleam Shining like a golden ring in the dark Touch my hand you’ll surely see a spark Seems to me you don’t have much to lose Easy to say you never walked a mile in my shoes Walk along with me in the dark Drag my feet all through the park If you ask me to I’ll sing ‘Cause you’re so shiny shiny to me o


released November 4, 2022


all rights reserved



MIRA COOK Austin, Texas

www.youtube.com/watch?v=k- exbpAZnZg

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