Eat The Cake

by Mira Cook

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Cds available at Other Music NY, Aquarius Records SF, Waterloo Records and End of an Ear, Austin.


released January 22, 2015


all rights reserved



MIRA COOK Brooklyn, New York


Waterloo Records Top 10 albums of 2012 Staff Pick
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Track Name: Big Bitch
Once you've got a lot to burn, running will seem slow at first
Thinking flat, where's your mind at?
Gone, gone gone gone.

Any new repetitive day
You would have easily divided away
But you're down, down in the ditch
Time to embrace the big bitch
Dancing's hard when your partner's so heavy
Slow turn, don't drop the marbles baby
There ain't no more brownies in the oven
And no use saving all your lovin' for a long shot, or the wrong day hey hey.

Don't know what to do with you
I pretend I know, but it's not true
On the wheel but spinning slower, hoping that this project is a grower with you.
Flexing hard a little sour on the edge of super power
Track Name: Anthem For A Cult Town
God bless the new people of our town here today
Which is starting with a bang
Business will be booming watch life blooming in your eyes

No fears will come looming
It's all perfume in the skies, trust me
It's good to be you
We're the golden few
Good news for you
And me too

I know that you've come from such great sorrow
but well baby now that's through
We've made a big garden which is so big
it takes days to walk through
Dear people, it's good to be you
It'll be the bees knees for you. And me too.

There's an underground shelter you can hide in
With your babies when hell comes
We've got ammunitions and libations just for you
So don't you worry
Dear people, I see many things for you
It's a realizing age for you
And me too
Track Name: MyMyMy
Mosquitoes will fly in your room
Bedsprings leave marks on me
Free but I'm not free
Heat makes me sick
But I know I'll grow out of it
No, I just can't handle it
You're a man and I can't handle it
Why don't you want to be with any of your women
Each time you leave we all know that it kills them
But not me
It only kills me slightly

And why don't you want to be with any of your children
Take yourself too seriously but beans are for spilling
Something new out of the refuse

My My My hands are all blue
And my lips curl up like curly Qs

Don't say what is not while hitting the spot
And sometimes it's true you're the only I've got
No not me, it only cures me slightly

And why would I want to be just one of your women?
Each time I leave I just cross the hall kicking
And cursing that beautiful person
Track Name: In The Middle Of The Night
Maybe some time when you are free to give advice
Drive me way way out in the middle of the night
I can see you know who I'm trying to be
And how I fall short but isn't this a game for good sports?
So play it with me
Stay up through the next day with me
Until our eyes swell shut
And we don't know the what from what

Maybe some day when you're forty three and I'm thirty five
Take me way out to stand in the middle of I-5
I can see your eyes glow blue
Silver beard reflecting too
And I'm a dark spot next to you
Smiling now we'll make a duel
And you'll shoot through me
Blasting out the misery
And fill it with yourself
And making love to good health
In the middle of the night
Track Name: Bitten By
Bitten by snake
I was swimming in the lake
Alone I thought it was safe
And I don't need my clothes
Lay them lakeside in a roll
You know that I'm awfully shy
Is that why you slid so sly?

It whips by the water
My deceit glides with wide eyes
The tips hide deep inside
Fueling a cold sigh

And cold skin begins to let the water in

It slips by the cat cries
Clawing the water away
Around you profound cool
The ground and sky sound
Track Name: Blanky
After all the searching found you
Only footsteps guide us through
You'll become someone worth talking to
Skin is black and eyes are blue

After all that searching found you
Blue is fine but light eyes see through
I see fine but what's that with you?
20/20 or is it 22?

It's coming through
It's coming through
It's coming through
It coming to you
Track Name: Things That Are Good
I've got a room, a room in my heart
A room in my house and it's full of art
I'm in my room and waiting for you
And you can take all the time you need to

I've got the moon but you hold it too
And you won't give back the things I gave you
When we're asleep, that's when things are good
Take from each other the things that we should
Things that are good
Things that could be good
Things we started
Things that we should

I've got a room but you hold it too
And you can put in there the things I give you
I've got a moon, a moon in my heart
And you can take all the time you need to

Things that are good
Things that could be good
Things we started
Track Name: Want To Give Up
Want to give up, want to give up. Git it git it
Want to get up want to go away hey
Want to quit it, just to let it fade
Try to keep on but digressions will stay
Will to wade through though these thoughts are in my way
You and me will keep working away
Have to keep on pressing cause there is no other way

Watching your life floating out to the bay
Music man, I think it's time we hit the hay
Our pressure's making diamonds today
Want to go out on the street and give them away
And when you touch them you will never be the same
So many babies that I'm running out of names
My blood's getting hotter every day
Got to keep on pressing. When you press it's gonna stay

Want to give up, want to give up git it git it

Use friction 'til the grumpy ones are gay
Pitchforks making bales out of the hay
Roll the bales on down the hill and crush 'em in our wake
Then when we see what we've done
We're in a real good state

Want to give up, want to give up git it git it
Want to give up,
Won't to give up git it git it
Track Name: Monsignor
Hey monsignor where you taking me this evening?
I lost my faith but trust your steady breathing
You must know so much more than me
I come from a farm my nails are dirty
Swallow my hand in your hand
You know your wish is my command

Please treat me well
I follow without even asking to where we'll go
I am blind but multi-tasking
I can't see a thing but trusting's easy
Floating on the clouds of the misty
Swallow my eyes in your mouth
And with you here I can do without

Swallow my hand in your hand
You know your wish is my command
Track Name: Koto And Smash
Where you going to?
There there baby there you go
Why you want to know? I say so so so
East New York wearing short shorts
Or down town where all they wear is black and brown
What should we do? Pretend that we have the best men
I'll plan your wedding on a boat don't forget the Soft Soap
Out in the day where all we do is pass the buck away
And "no money" so you say

Where you going to there there baby there you go
Why you want to know?
I say so so so
Track Name: Harpy
Used to be, when we were down we'd know
Blanket me inside the blow by blow
And when you go
Tell me so I know I have froze
All your things each object a little sting
It's all yours, and me I'm such a bore
I'm so sore
It always comes up short

I'm so out of sorts, I have changed
moved too much and now we are estranged
Things they hang
And I smell rain
Track Name: Wait Beneath The Waves
You don't know how much I can love you
There's no fire but there's a lot of fuel
We sink good but it's your charm that hurts me
Everything was fine until we got to this big city

Man of land and man of war keep me under pressure
All I hope's within this time that it's still a pleasure
It's the decades passing over pushes me under water
Now to wait beneath the waves until it's softer

It's for you to have the strength to be new
It don't help to hold your breath 'til you're blue
True, I've always loved you
But you're running away from good news

Don't go out insane tonight, insane tonight, insane tonight
Don't go out. Embrace the night, embrace the night, embrace the night
Don't get caught in crazy plights, you'll never win...were crazy to begin