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Minotaur 02:39
Tropix 04:12
A killer's in the grass so you better watch your ass And hide your things when you hear the doorbell ring Don't be a fool And remember the golden rule Now let me see your face, it's covered in grease and I'm wearing lace Now I'm gonna make you food and mine is really good Don't be a barbarian And don't make me out to be a prude librarian A fool for you
Mercy 03:36
Well the steeple pierces high into the sky but I can do the same with my eyes And the Trees roots find the water under ground but you'll never tap the roots of my sound because they're inside me And they're brewing stronger like a tea I'm aging and trying to get more for free The forces of nature are reversing themselves on me Mercy, mercy me Well the shape of things is a mountain and we're still climbing up to the peak I can use a pin to poke through an egg or I can push right through with my leg, the choice is inside me I'm angry, or so peachy sweet, we'll see When we get there high in the sky, low under ground We'll evaporate and we'll always be around Now we're sound
Winter 03:27
Warm up my toes in the tub Warm up my throat with your love The symbol of happiness-dove Symbol of grittiness-grub And I scrub and scrub and scrub it all away but it stays Drinking some tea in my chair Combing my fingers through your hair Is this the start of the winter Well then that makes us beginners You can scrub and scrub and scrub it all away but it stays I close my eyes and pretend it's okay but it stays Only the lord and I know When it is going to snow Signal the start of the winter The winter's to punish the sinners And my skin turns light and clear like a salamander Oh great king Alexander I wish that I could just shuffle away but I'll stay The symbol of stubborn is wood Try to push me out but it's no good So when I look out the window The black cat and snowman "hi" friends Oh and the rue of the snowman's the puddle We're all melting away though it's subtle The symbol of stubborn is wood Try to push me out but it's no good And don't look at me with that electric wood saw Cause I'll chop more firewood than ya'll
Happy Ocean 03:03
Dr. Rhythm 03:28
Our Times 03:35
You could hide away, but not today We're all on stage so negotiate in your own way I like your face, you're an image of God's grace And life is so full, cause together we're unstoppable Not like those dyed in the wool who knows whos And how much would it take to break away from the density the shear immensity or our times and all our minds I feel your eyes on me, it's driving me crazy, it's driving me to new heights I feel your eyes watching me and driving me crazy and driving me to new heights And how much would it take to break away?
Africa Time 02:31
Trees lean away from the ocean The sea is a magical potion and it errodes Salts are like little electrodes Insatiably hungry microbes eat away the grime In Africa you're on Africa time I like a messy sensation and stay messy except on occasions when I look good for thy Salt water ruins your make-up it's not a good look for a day job unless your day job's mine I dance and dance and the sweat burns in my eyes Faster and faster and slower and slower and slower and slower When in Africa stay on Africa time Trees lean away from the ocean
Hey little babe don't be afraid I'm taking off your dry leaves Make way for the high leaves to reach up for the sun Hey green girl prettiest plant in the world Put you on in shelf in a cluster Watch your buds pop out and rupture Spring time is here Pet your purple velvet ears If I took your example, all my fears would be gone gone gone How could I get it wrong Hey pretty friend where does your spiral end? Grabbing on with tendrils Sticky hands like noodles expand your living zone My how you've grown Hey little thing what kind of injury closes up over metal but remains unsettled solution unseen And were the doctors mean Please baby skin I need you to mend Glue tight together, cemented forever And I will dance for you and the houseplants too If I took nature's example I could be strong strong strong I don't know where I went wrong
Broken Bones 03:54
Broken bones, broken bones when the house of your body is not very homy anymore Take little trips away from the house but don't go far you're like a broken down car You got in a wreck and now you have a surgery scar You can't move so you've obviously lost your groove And don't be afraid anymore We're all in pain it's just that you are bored Now it's time to drink some milk, put on scar cream, take a nap you can dance in your dream Fly to the edges of emotion come back to the middle and stay there and be still and just chill You're getting lighter like a feather, body stiff as a board And don't be afraid anymore, don't be afraid anymore Don't try and move before it's your time Good bones are like granite but right now yours are like lime And isn't it the worst thing waiting for time time time You can't move so you've obviously lost your groove And don't be afraid anymore Stick to the bench stay off the dance floor


Hard copies available at Other Music (New York),
Aquarius Records (San Francisco) and Waterloo Records (Austin).


released June 21, 2012

All songs produced, written, arranged and performed by Mira Cook
Produced and mixed by Saul Simon MacWilliams at The Lovely Light
Mastered by Roy Silverstein


all rights reserved



MIRA COOK Austin, Texas

www.youtube.com/watch?v=k- exbpAZnZg

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