A Level Lower


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released April 26, 2019


all rights reserved



MIRA COOK Brooklyn, New York


Waterloo Records Top 10 albums of 2012 Staff Pick
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Track Name: A Level Lower
But if you go slower
A gentle wind will lift and bring you down
To a Level Lower
Where stone archways, torches ablaze, and beautiful women are scouring the floor
Imagine opening that door
What is this underground hall for?

When you’re walking slower
The echo of your footsteps really resounds
You will get to know her
By doing something, saying nothing and really loving
And scouring the floor
Because now you’ve opened that door

To a level lower…..
Track Name: She Wolf
‘Cause you’ve got to wait for her energy
To rise up inside you see
Until your heart beats so frequently
And then you’re ready to meet with She
She Wolf

Bow down at her feet
Don’t show her you’re weak
Tell her what you want to do
Ask her if she wills you to
And run from your enemies, who try to put you in a box for 50 hours each week
Scream back with ferocity like She
She Wolf
Like she. She Wolf

Wait for her energy to rise up inside
And you’re waiting for your guide to unveil the lie

Like She
She Wolf
Track Name: Dreams
There are some things that you can’t see, but they exist just like you and me
They live under the banks of the stream and they communicate through dreams
In my dream
In my dream
I saw a floating tear shaped light, I thought it might be taking me
We drifted out over the lake and all the snakes were swimming to me
And when they slithered under my skin, I felt them say it’s time to begin
And begin, and begin to try to fly
We can bounce off the water into the sky

There was a mansion place unknown
I was with people but the owners weren’t home
And we saw fifty people come in
We were scared and we started to run and begin…
..and begin to dance
The performance had found us, if by chance

Why find it so hard to believe that all these answers would hide under my sleeve
And doubt it, think that it’s not right
But you can take on your troubles and lovers at night
You can take on your troubles and lovers and troubles and lovers at night
In my dream
Track Name: Alive
I get a warm feeling when my guy walks by
I feel like I’m stealing from only the good side
And I’m alive, in good style
And I’m shy, but not for a while now

Why do all the people ignore me and walk by?
Fountains of good and evil are pouring from my eyes
And I would smile, just for a while now
‘Cause a child, hears all those buzzing and low sounds.

And we could try to make enough to get by now
But why? We’re living and wild.
Track Name: Want To Be One
Want to be, want to be one
Couldn’t be, couldn’t be two, oh you
Oh you

Could it be?
Could it be fun?
How can I be the one?
The Sun burning and burning
The sun and only

Want to feel, want to feel one
But with you, it’s always split into two
Because burning’s the journey. Diffuse
And all of my yearning
The sun and only
The sun and only

And when you have the desire
Wouldn’t you like to fly into the Sun?
And with you as with I
Shouldn’t we just try?
One. Into the sky
Want to be one
Want to feel Sun
Track Name: Married
Baby why didn’t you just say so? You’re getting married
Follow my lead, follow him please
What if you walk over a dark hole and there’s no bottom?
Fall at your leisure and fall with me please

Take a big leap with me
What does it mean to be bound together while trying to be free?
And am I still me?
What if you skip over some quicksand and find yourself sinking?
Eat sand with me please. Let’s sink and believe that when we’re all married our problems will be solved and life will be happy, our debts will be absolved
Just pick your favorite diamond. Now pick your favorite ring
Your voices get tired, but louder the older we sing. Sing
Track Name: Yoda's Eyes
Where did you come from? You look out of place
There’s something strange written on your face
Is that you waiting for the unknown?
And aren’t you fading under the weight of your demands?

And where to go to recompose?
You’ll need someone strong to call the show
In Yoda’s eyes I suppose
We’re all going to die, I know
Is that you flailing into the unknown
I wondered why all your dishes looked thrown
In your desires I grow
Where to they come from? I don’t know

Is that you waiting for the unknown?
I wondered why all your dishes looked thrown
Is that you flailing into the unknown?
And aren’t you fading under the weight of your demands?

In Yoda’s eyes I suppose
In your desires I grow
Where do they come from?
I don’t know
Track Name: Blues
Blues, I’ve got blues
Slow blow buried down in the snow below
News, bring me news
Good news, joyous sounds splatter the sunshine around the room
Damed if you come and if you do, I will be waiting for you
Don’t think of one, you know it’s two
It will be waiting for you

Hey you, it’s the truth
A beautiful day is passing away from your view through the window of your room
Oooh, don’t be doomed
The hours are all here for you
Waiting for you
Track Name: Cave Of Exile
Will you take me to your cave of exile?
Hoping when we get there you will help me reconcile my many moans
You and me alone

You can show me how to put the mud upon my skin
Slowly we will draw out the toxins from within
And take a hold of them
A black mold living inside my hands
Darkness makes the man

We can sculpt it into something that will work for us
A dark man roaming through the forest
To kill our enemies
The ones inside of me
For many days we’ve been walking stray
Pulling up the weeds from which our bodies feed
Track Name: Slip Away
I didn’t choose them no
But these are the best shoes of my life
I’ve had so many other fine pairs
But slip these on and slip out of my body without a care

They appeared to me many long years ago
I really needed something
I was young and not very bold
But there they were staring at me from off of the shelf
I slipped them on and slipped out of myself

You would tell me I shouldn’t use my shoes like a drug
And to not confuse elation for love
But there’s days when you need to feel something strong
I will float above my body like notes in a song

Out of my body without a care
Track Name: Undergrowth
I want you to know
How long will you be my dear?
I think you should just stay here

I think you should just stay here

Into the undergrowth
I can’t say where we’re going
Where we’re going
Into the…
Into the undergrowth
Where we’re going